Capturing the passion of fashion and beauty - welcome to the world of George Vordos

George is a professional photographer based in New York City. His obsession with photography led him to this magnificent - full of lights - city. Chasing and experiencing any kind of opportunity, he is constantly working on cultivating and developing his art through the lens of his camera.

Born in Texas but raised in Greece, George was brought up as an artist. He was encouraged to learn and study all forms of art. In his younger years, his focus was music. However, the camera and its possibilities always haunted him. After some years of thinking and wandering, he came to realize that photography is his true passion. Embarking on this journey, he entered into university to study it further. While completing his degree he traveled Europe embracing new experiences and cultures. As with many artists learning their craft, he found a single moment in the eternal span of time, captured by his camera, made him feel weird in the beginning. In the end, he embraced this strange feeling and turned it into his daily obsession. The result gave George much success in his native country, including numerous group exhibitions, publications in renown magazines, including Vogue Italy, and launching 4Pixels Photography group. In 2012 he moved to New York to find opportunities for success in this city.

George seeks and captures the beauty of the moment whether in studio on a fashion shoot or out on the streets exploring the city. His artistic eye, infectious laughter and enthusiasm makes him easy to work with on any project.

instagram: @gvordos_nyc


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